Hey, are you planning to buy the latest smartphone in the market? If yes, Iqoo 3 5G is certainly in your checklist. But, have you made your choice yet? I certainly think a resounding “No”.

We, Indians, especially love value for money devices. We don’t like cheap phones, but we like things which always gives more than what we are paying for. We don’t say what is the cheapest phone I can buy, but we think and say, what is the best phone that I can buy under 10K, 20K or 40K. We go line by line, spec by spec, and see which is giving the maximum bang for the buck.

So, what is the most value for money device with the latest and greatest processor, Snapdragon 865, in the Indian smartphone market today? Well, the answer is Iqoo 3 5G. Let’s why Iqoo 3 5G is the choice right now.

  • Realme X50 pro costs Rs.39,990 for 6G+128GB version, a solid Rs.5000 more and you get 8G+128GB version
  • Oneplus 8 moved into another territory with Rs. 44,999, which is almost Rs.10,000 extra

But, are you ready to buy that phone today? maybe yes or maybe no.

First let us see, why it should be the choice of the smartphone if you are looking for a smartphone with Snapdragon 865.

Iqoo 3 5G Specifications:

  • It’s got the fastest processor out there, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
  • Fastest and lot of RAM, 12 Gigs of LPGDDR5
  • Fastest storage out there, Up to 256 Gigs of UFS3.1
  • Relatively bigger battery and charging speed, 4440mah with 55W SuperFlash Charge
  • Game-ready, Monster Touch Buttons (Shoulder Triggers)
  • Relatively Good Quad Camera, 48MP Camera (Main), 13MP (20X Zoom), 13MP (Super Wise Angle) and 2MP (Macro)
  • Seriously good 3.5mm Jack with Hi-Fi AK4377A DAC
  • Relatively very average, 6.44 inch E3 Super AMOLED display

Let’s dissect one by one now and see how Iqoo 3 holds up.

Why you should choose Iqoo 3 5g?

  • Fastest processor you can get
  • Fastest RAM you can get
  • Fastest storage you can get
  • Best wired headphones quality you can get
  • A very good battery life with fastest charging speeds

Why you can’t choose Iqoo 3 5g?

  • A 60HZ display
  • Lack of stereo speakers
  • Older generation main camera sensor

If you are following the news coming from northern markets, Iqoo has launched a sibling for Iqoo 3 5G, which is Iqoo Neo 3. The gaming phone brand has identified what is lacking in its Iqoo 3 5G and gave some updates to Iqoo Neo 3 5g which makes it one of the most interesting devices launched this year.

Iqoo Neo 3 5G Specifications:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with Adreno 650 GPU
  • 6.57 Inch 144Hz LCD FHD+ Display with HDR10 Support
  • Up to 12GB of LPGDDR4X RAM
  • Up to 256GB of UFS3.1 Storage
  • 4500mah with 44W fast charging
  • 48MP (Main Camera, Sony IMX 582) + 8MP (Wide-angle lens) + 2MP (Macro Camera)
  • 16MP front camera
  • Side-mounted Fingerprint scanner (0.16S speed unlocking)
  • Dual Stereo Speakers
  • 3.5 Audio Jack with Hi-Fi and Hi-Res

Iqoo Neo 3 has got some of the nicest tricks up to its sleeves and it corrected some of the shortcoming of Iqoo 3 5G as well. It corrected some of the cons of Iqoo 3 5G by giving a 144Hz display and stereo speakers. But, Iqoo Neo 3 5G is optimized for budget, so it has to do with an LCD instead of AMOLED and removed a camera sensor when compared to Iqoo 3 5G.

But, this gives me hope, how Iqoo can almost create a perfect smartphone of 2020 by making some changes to Iqoo 3

Suggested additions to Iqoo 3 5G:

  • a 144Hz Super AMOLED display similar to Redmagic 5G or Nubia Play
  • Stereo Speakers from Iqoo Neo 3 5G
  • Replace 48MP camera sensor with the latest generation Sony IMX 686
  • Do not remove or change anything else especially that headphone jack with Hi-Fi AK4377A DAC

Just these 3 changes to the Iqoo 3 5G, make it Iqoo 3-pro and price it at Rs.39,999 and I certainly think 2020 belongs to Iqoo with an almost perfect smartphone.


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