How to chose a better topic to write ?

One of the biggest problems that any writer faces is deciding on what topic to write on. Starting from the relevance of the idea, to whether the audiences will be interested in it, there are many questions that course through any writer’s mind.

And then comes the biggest enemy of a writer – the writer’s block.

In this course material, we have put down a few hacks that we believe will help address some of the concerns. However, there are absolutely no substitutes for your own creativity – it is, and always will be, your greatest strength.

What is a good topic?

A good topic is one that captures the attention and interest of the audience. So as a first step, always write for the audience. As a writer, your primary objective is not to write well (that should be default), but to understand the pulse of your readers. Understand what moves them, what inspires them and use that understanding in your writing.

Learn to think from a fan’s perspective. Learn to remove yourself and your needs from the equation and start putting the needs of your audience above all. Ask yourself two basic questions: (a) Am I entertaining my audience? (b) Am I informing them of something new? If what you’re writing doesn’t fall under answer these questions with a resounding Yes, then don’t proceed.

In a nutshell, a good topic is one that engages with the audience.

How will I know if audiences are interested in my topic?

There is only one thing that will guarantee for sure if there is interest in the topic you choose – Google Search Volumes and views to your articles

Google Search trends will automatically tell you if your topic is being searched by the audiences.

How do I figure out search volume for my topic?

There are many ways to do this. While SEO experts use tools like Keyword Planners, Keyword tool, etc., these are tools that will require a paid subscription. But then, there are other ways to figure this out without any sort of investment from your end – except for your time and enthusiasm.

To begin with, you will have to install a free Chrome Extension called Keywords Everywhere.

You can add this to your Chrome Browser from here:

Once you add the extension to your browser, it will take you through a few steps which will guide you on how to install it on your browser.

Once installed, it will show you keyword volumes for all your searches on Google.

What kind of average monthly search volumes are good to write a topic on?

Since these are topic specific and longer search strings, even volumes as low as 1000/month are good.

As a guide, you can use the following to tell you what these volumes mean:

More than 5000: It’s really good, go ahead and write the topic

Between 2500-5000: Again, a pretty good number. Sometimes, it means that these topics are season and will trend only during specific seasons.

Between 1000-2500: This is not bad at all. But ensure that the topic is not time-bound. Meaning, sometimes there are topics that trend for only a couple of months and then stop staying relevant. So you need to ensure that the topic still continues to be relevant while you write it. Or you can always work on a timeless topic.

Less than 1000: Some of the most interesting topics fall under this criteria. Again, make sure that the topic is relevant, timeless and is interesting enough. These are usually information keywords like how, who, what, why etc…

How will this help generate reads on my article?

With the help of our SEO team, we optimise all topics that are published on GIZMR. This means that whenever someone searches for the topic, or something close to your topic, your story will rank on Search engines and will help you get more traffic. More views and higher earnings for you.

I am out of ideas. Is there a way to generate topic ideas?

Of course! There are a couple of ways by which you can do this.

The first way to do this is through Keywords Everywhere tool itself. And the other tool you can use is

Let’s look at how you can use these two tools.

How to use Keywords Everywhere to choose a topic?

Let’s use an example here to understand this better. When you search for “Realme X50 pro”, on the right hand side of the search results, it will show you a bunch of “related keywords” and “people also searched for” results. You can generate topic ideas by looking at these.

How to use to choose a topic?

The second tool you can use to choose topics is called

This tool gives you related searches from across various web resources, from Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, etc. As you type in something, it automatically populates the list under each of these web resources.

And since you’ve already installed Keywords Everywhere, it shows you the search volume for all the suggestions immediately.