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Write Reviews of your favorite Gizmos & Earn Money with GIZMR

GIZMR is a place to tell stories of your latest Gizmos & Gadgets with the world.

So, you may ask, what do you mean by stories.

A story can be

  • Unboxing of your latest gadget
    • Ex: Unboxing of smartphone or smart wearable to show content of packaging
  • Review of your latest gadget
    • Ex: Your expert opinion about a smartphone or a camera you have recently purchased
  • Long-term review of your gadget
    • Ex: Long-term review of smartphone or Laptop
  • Experiences of using your gadget
    • Ex: Gaming experience of Laptop
    • Ex: Tracking experience of Smart band
    • Ex: Camera experience of Smartphone
  • Different Use cases of your gadget
    • Ex: How your camera helped you shoot your recent travel trip
    • Ex: How your laptop helped you complete your project
  • Comparison of latest Gadgets
    • Ex: Battery comparison of smartphones
    • Ex: Screen comparison of smartphones
    • Ex: Design comparison of laptops
    • Ex: Photo quality comparison of camera

You can come up with new and innovative stories as well about any Gizmo you own, we are leaving it to your imagination, but make sure you are writing only about the gadget.

Tell passionate stories with stunning pictures of your gadgets to this world and GIZMR shares revenue for each view of your article.

GIZMR is an absolutely transparent earning platform for Technology Writers. Every writer on GIZMR is automatically on-boarded to our Revenue Share platform. The writer has access to their unique dashboard where they can upload new GIZMOS & GADGETS and write stories about them. No matter where you’re from, or what you do, or what language you write, there is always room at GIZMR. If you are a passionate and skilled technology writer, you will find a humongous audience here that’s eager to read every word you write.

How do I get started?

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  • Fill the below form to get Writer access at
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