Latest Gizmo & Gadget Uploading Guide

Why do you have to upload products?

  • You can’t publish a story without tagging it to a gadget
  • As there are thousands of different brands and their gadgets available across the world, it is near impossible for us to upload all products to the site
  • whenever you would like to write a story about a gadget, please add that gadget to the
  • It enables you and other writers also to write stories about that gadget

Does each and every writer has to upload their own gadgets?

  • No, once a gadget is uploaded, that is available for everybody to write stories write stories about it
  • We request writers to search site for the gadget before they would like to write a story
  • If it is available, you can directly write a story about that gadget
  • If it is not available, then you have an opportunity to create that gadget page in

Does any body can upload any type of gadgets?

  • Only writers can upload new gizmos and gadgets
  • We are right now allowing only
    • Smartphones
    • Smart Wearables,
    • Laptops
    • Cameras
  • But, if you would like to upload a new gadget other than the above mentioned categories, please create a new product and submit for review. We will review the product and see if we can enable that particular category

Does all the uploaded gadgets published automatically?

  • No, every gadget you create under product is submitted for review
  • Once we review the product for its eligibility and sufficient information, either it will be approved or will not be approved
  • It is sole discretion of Gizmr management to approve or disapprove any new products

How to upload gadgets in writer dashboard?

Please watch video on how to upload new products to the GIZMR.COM