Tips that can help you be a better writer

  • Put the readers above yourself. Understand their aspirations and what moves them. Connect with them through your writing.


  • Write for your audience. Always ask yourself two questions. Am I entertaining my audience? Am I telling them something new? If the answer for either of the two questions is “No”, then rethink your topic.


  • Write better. Improve your grammar and writing style. Language is a powerful tool, use it well. A great thought that is not well written will only put off the readers. Install Grammarly extension for Chrome to remove basic errors easily.


  • Write for the digital medium. Your audience is mobile with very short attention spans. Use shorter sentences. Don’t write long and confusing sentences. Be crisp. Be concise. Keep it simple.


  • Write innovative topics. If you spot a topic that has already received good views, there is no point in attempting it again. Doing the same thing over and over again will not help you. Keep innovating and experimenting.


  • Research well. Being superficial and repeating the facts that your audience already knows is counter-productive. Try to dive deeper into a subject and inform audiences about something they don’t know.


  • Understand why you’re writing: Why do you write? Is it because you want to make your mark as a writer? Is it because you are passionate about your work? Or is it just because you have something to share? Determine your reason for writing. Knowing why you want to write is always the first step in becoming a great writer.