Writing Guidelines

What can I write on?

You can write about anything as long as it is a story about a gadget that is available on the platform.

The story can be

  • Your analysis about a gadget
  • Your experience about a gadget
  • Comparison of multiple gadgets

Anything you can imagine as long as if you think your story about that particular gadget brings value to the user and engages him/her.

What are the different content formats that I can write on?

You can only write in an article format with pictures.

Is there a minimum word limit for stories?

Yes, a story must have at least 500 words and 1 picture. There is no maximum limit on how long your story should be.

What are the things to keep in mind while writing stories?

– Start with a short introduction

– Add appropriate images as much as possible

– Break the content into smaller paragraphs

– Use sub-headings as much as possible

– Sub-headings must be formatted as “Heading 3”

– Give a proper conclusion

How do I add images to my story?

At GIZMR, we do not accept articles without images. It’s as simple as adding an image to your blog-post or email. Click on the ‘add media’ icon from the top toolbar. Upload the image from your computer, select the image you would like to add, click on upload.

You are able to see images uploaded by all our writers. As an ethical practice, we request you to use images only uploaded by you.

When will my story get published?

We take time for new writers, sometimes even days. Once you have published few articles at GIZMR, your articles will be published faster. We follow rigorous review process, so your story takes at least 24 hours to get published.